Delivering on the Promise of budget-minded solutions for SAP security guidance.

Gain sound SAP guidance and direction from qualified Skoda Minotti SAP security consultants who will help you develop and maintain a cost-effective SAP security program.

Engineering Expertise. The average company uses less than 2,000 transactions to run their operations, but they must isolate those transactions from a pool of 75,000 offered by SAP software. Skoda Minotti’s SAP specialists can engineer new user access roles or redesign existing roles. We have the experience to provide SAP guidance based on your industry and company size.

A Customized Approach. Skoda Minotti delivers a cost-effective SAP security program that is customized, auditor-approved and reduces Segregation of Duty (SoD) conflicts. We offer loan staffing, project managers, project oversight and advice for most SAP environments.

SAP Solutions. Boost risk management awareness and implementation. Minimize fraud exposure. Reduce cost for future redesign projects and comply with regulations such as SOX 404. Our SAP security consultants understand your industry and can tailor a SAP solution to suit your budget and company size. Skoda Minotti’s SAP offerings include:

  • SAP Security Risk Assessment. An SoD conflict, when an end user gains access to transactions that cut across functional areas, can expose an organization to risk, from loss of business to fraud. Skoda Minotti takes a high-level approach to analyzing user roles to determine SoD conflict exposure.
  • SAP Security Role Engineering or Redesigning. Perhaps you are migrating from a legacy system to an SAP. Or, maybe you have reorganized your operation or the way you process data within SAP. Now is the time to redesign user roles. Skoda Minotti provides security role engineering or redesign services. We’ll evaluate your SAP user roles to ensure they are tight and free of SoDs.
  • Monitoring and Maintaining SAP Segregation of Duties. Complex SAP software is much more than transactions—there are objects, fields, BAPIs and more. Companies that assume risk exposure, after a thorough audit, can learn that their exposure is significant with costly SoDs. What you need is a plan to monitor and maintain the security of your SAP system. Skoda Minotti can design a program, provide guidance with GRC software and build a security team to continue the process.

Serving Diverse SAP Environments. We consult and provide comprehensive SAP solutions for a wide range of environments, including: 

  • R3 – Organizational information system designed to coordinate resources, information and activities required to complete business processes, such as order fulfillment or billing.
  • BW (Business Warehouse) – Management reporting
  • BI (Business Intelligence)
  • CFM (Corporate Finance Management) – Treasury
  • EBP (Enterprise Buyer Professional) – Procurement
  • WAS (Web Application Server) – Web server and Web client

Questions? Contact Ben Osbrach and he’d be glad to help.

Ben Osbrach, CISSP / CISA / QSA