Protect your data and ensure business continuity ▪ Guarantee uptime for mission critical servers and applications ▪ Gain peace of mind that your information will be restored in case of a disaster.

Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services has a sound contingency plan for your business so you can keep downtime at a minimum and continue business-as-usual.

Skoda Minotti delivers backup and disaster recovery services that combine intelligent software for imaged-based, bare-metal backups, online backup to the cloud and an on-site appliance for near-instant virtualization of backed-up servers.

Integrated Business Continuity (BC). Integrated BC services provide local and remote, near-instant recovery of a single server or an entire IT infrastructure. Local BC services maintain warm copies of your server so if failure occurs, those copies can be powered on and started within minutes. Remote BC provides full disaster recovery hit site capability, including warm or cold copies of servers so your IT infrastructure can be run partially or fully.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup. Just because you operate cloud-based software does not mean that data is recoverable. Applications and platforms do not necessarily guarantee service levels for backup and recovery. We provide enterprise-class support for cloud applications and platforms so your complete database is protected while maintaining security.

Device Recovery, Anytime Anywhere. Through our partner AssureVault BURR, we offer the first and only solution with the ability to back up and recover all enterprise data into a single repository. You can recovery any data to any location or device immediately. That includes endpoint target coverage, such as support for Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and laptops, Androids/iPad tablets, iPhones and Android smartphones.

Protect Big Data. High-performance snapshot support leverages existing storage hardware investments and includes quick and efficient protection of big data sets.

Backup Appliance Services. We’ll perform data backup and restoration while supporting business continuity with the capability of running physical and virtual servers without interrupting computing devices while server problems are resolved.

Why Us? We’re a full-service advisory firm with niche practice experience—and we are easy to work with. Our creative, talented consultants are committed to implementing the latest technology to build efficiencies. With more than 30 years of proven history in our field, we bring time-tested solutions and the latest innovations to your company. We also engage auditors with certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CISM, QSA, CIA, in addition to our on-site CPAs, in order to complete your company’s audit.

  • Proven customer service
  • High-quality deliverables
  • Driven to meet project deadlines and expectations
  • Reasonably priced

Questions? Contact Ben Osbrach and he’d be glad to help.

Ben Osbrach, CISSP / CISA / QSA