Delivering on the Promise of meeting global internal controls standards.

SAS 70 was replaced by a new standard for reporting on service organizations in 2011 called Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 16.

Skoda Minotti brings two decades of experience and compliance specialists who partner with you to design a customized audit process. Our auditors have worked in a range of industries, and we understand the regulatory pressures and customer demands you face.  Our experts ensure a seamless process, from audit initiation to completion.

Understanding ‘The New’ SAS 70. SAS 70, now replaced by SSAE 16, is a globally recognized auditing service standard—a benchmark for an organization to compare their internal controls, and to help an independent auditor issue an opinion on an organization’s best practices.

Achieve Compliance, Assure Customers. Give customers confidence that your service organization meets the highest global standards for internal controls. Differentiate your service company from competitors who do not obtain this designation. SSAE No. 16 can eliminate additional customer audits and self-assessment questionnaires. You’ll gain instant credibility, the potential to grow your market share and the ability to independently assess controls.

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Ben Osbrach, CISSP / CISA / QSA